The Gaslight Anthem: “The ’59 Sound”

Remember when The Killers were all, “Hey, we’re listening to lots of Springsteen and we’re going to go into the studio and record the sequel to ‘Born to Run'” but they came out with “Sam’s Town” which had its moments but was wildly inconsistent? And then The Hold Steady were like, “Thanks for playing” and then they quietly came out with “Boys and Girls in America”?

Well, The Gaslight Anthem has released “The ’59 Sound,” which is what I totally thought “Sam’s Town” would sound like but didn’t (although they come by the influences a bit more naturally, being from Jersey and all). They deliver a solid set of 12 songs, all a pop-friendly 4:15 or less. On the first listen, I was in the middle of the third track when I knew that I’d be starting all over again when I reached the end of the album. It’s melodic and wonderful, and it’s tough and soft in all the right places. Their lyrics evoke an earlier time, and some of the hooks remind me of music from the ’60s and ’70s, but the sound is still modern.



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  1. rbrosmer Says:

    I find myself listening to this album all the time. When I can’t decide what to listen to, I turn to this album. It’s just so damn solid on every level.

  2. dslifton Says:

    I’ve got this queued up to buy on E-music when I get home.

  3. Michele Says:

    Ryan– this is definitely my go-to album this week, and will be for weeks to come. I can’t get over how good it is.

    Dave– I hope this is my way of partially returning the favor for you introducing me to the most recent Everybody Else and Rhett Miller albums.

  4. dslifton Says:

    I saw the title track posted on a Bruce blog (in honor of his 59th b’day last week), so your recommendation of it was the double confirmation I usually need before checking out a new band. I dug the samples I heard, so it’s in the queue.

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