Envy? Not Really.

I didn’t want to ruin the feel-good vibe of the James post with this, but as we left the show, we were treated to a new development in Minneapolis nightlife: the ultralounge. Two houses of douchebaggery called Envy and Aqua have sprung up on First Avenue. There were striped shirts and Ed Hardy logos galore. The line was also a good place to play Pro or No.

I don’t see the point. I can understand visiting a club in, say, Vegas or L.A. or New York, but Minneapolis? Really?

You’re not going to leave with a good celebrity story (especially if one of the Vikings is involved). It would be better to save the bottle service money and stock your home liquor cabinet, especially when it gets to be November and waiting in line in a skimpy outfit is hazardous to your health (and I know this from several misspent youthful experiences waiting outside Paisley Park for hours in the winter months). That way, you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy your Grey Goose, and you get to keep all your extremities.



2 Responses to “Envy? Not Really.”

  1. The Cheap Chick Says:

    THANK YOU! You’ve expressed exactly how I’ve felt about the bar scene in Mpls for the last few years. I though it was just cuz I’m getting old and lame, but no. It IS because the new bars are lame. And crazy expensive – give me a dive like CC Club any day.

  2. Michele Says:

    I’ve always felt more comfortable in dive bars anyway. I’d feel ridiculously out of place in the new clubs, and I wouldn’t do that for free, much less spend ridiculous amounts of money to do so.

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