Pumpkintastic! Recipes

I’m too caught up in election coverage to write a proper review, so I have two recipes to share. I have not tried any of these, but they come from highly trusted sources (i.e., fellow bloggers). 

First, from Kristen at The Perennial Examiner, I present Caribbean Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup

Last, from Laurie at Three Dog Blog, I give to you Pumpkin Chip Cookies

There you have it– a main course and dessert, plus some great reading. These are wonderful additions to any RSS reader. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Pumpkintastic! Recipes”

  1. laurie Says:

    i’m thinking of making the pumpkin cookies again this morning before i go to work…..you can’t have enough pumpkin on thanksgiving!

  2. Michele Says:

    I just made the pumpkin cookies today, and they were fantastic! I even managed not to burn them, which I’ve habitually been doing to almost everything lately.

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