Pumpkintastic! International Delights Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee Creamer



Coming soon to a teacup near me.

Coming soon to a teacup near me.

I wore my cranky pants to work this morning. When the temperature hasn’t been above 45 and the sun has been out for approximately 10 minutes in the last week, that will happen. (Also, when your otherwise lovable dog decides to wake you at 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. to go outside.) And if you think this is fun, just wait until January! 45 degrees feels like a sauna then. People start wearing shorts and tank tops. 

I’m also developing a theory about my caffeine consumption. After the hyperactive rush wears off, I’m left with a cup full of cranky. I think caffeine makes me edgy. Not in a “screw the establishment, I’m an outsider” kind of way, but in an inventing new swear words and yelling at traffic and my computer screen kind of way. Today I was especially fond of compounds involving the word “douche” (douchestick, douchemuffin, doucheburger, douchelord, and my new favorite, douchewurst, which I used on a slow-moving Volkswagen). Some say “douche” is on the way out. I say it’s time for “douche” to reinvent itself, before “chode” takes over. 

So, anyway, caffeine + me = cranky. Yet, I crave pumpkin. What about a decaffeinated PSL? Sure, I could order that, but a gal’s got to watch her calories (and budget) too. And also, I’d have to leave the house. And put on pants. This is where some decaffeinated tea and two heaping tablespoons of International Delights Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee Creamer enters the picture.

You do have to be careful which tea you pair it with. If you choose a tea that’s too strong (like Celestial Seasonings decaf chai), it can overpower the creamer. But when you choose the right one, it’s wonderful. 

My tea of choice lately has been decaf vanilla chai by Stash (who, incidentally, make a pumpkin spice tea that I need to get my hands on). This mix has just the right blend of cream and spices with just a slight hint of pumpkiny goodness. Plus, it’s nice and warm and comforting, and I don’t even have to leave my house to enjoy it. 

Rating (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest): 4 pumpkins



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