M & S Grill, Minneapolis

Before the Hold Steady show at First Avenue, Tim and I decided to dine at M & S Grill in Minneapolis. We had a coupon for $25 off a $35 food purchase. However, the cheapest entree on the menu was about $25, so it wasn’t the best deal in the world. But the food was still well worth it, and some discount is better than none. 

When we arrived there at 4:30 on a Saturday, the place was dead. More people sat down around us during our meal and the place was about half full when we left at 6:00. I worry about restaurants these days, especially since Rossi’s closed. And I’ll worry even more in January, after the holiday party season is over. Good meat is hard to find. 

For drinks, Tim ordered the Tom Collins and I got the Vanilla Bourbon Manhattan. Tim’s Collins was sweet, with no carbonation or grenadine, but still really flavorful and light. I was extremely pleased with the Manhattan,  especially now that I can’t get my favorite Manhattan at Rossi’s anymore with the Phillips Union whiskey. (Also, I’ve booked brunch at Hell’s Kitchen in the next couple weeks so I can start accepting that Rossi’s doesn’t exist anymore. And don’t think we wouldn’t have had our pre-show meal there instead this evening. Maybe it’s a hint that I need to branch out a little. But I loved that place, so much.)

We didn’t order an appetizer, but the complimentary warm sourdough bread was an acceptable substitute. As our waiter was pouring refills on our water, he accidentally spilled the glass in Tim’s lap. The waiter was apologetic and professional, and really, there was no harm done. (Luckily most of the water landed on the booth, although my husband looked like he peed himself for a while.) I joked with the waiter that it gave me some additional ammo to pick on Tim. 

I would totally pay a visit to M & S Grill again, coupon or no. We each ordered a petite filet mignon. (Tim’s was medium, mine medium rare, and both were cooked to perfection– crispy on the outside, but juicy and tender on the inside.) As our side, we ordered the mac & cheese with bacon. It’s like the two Manny’s sides we ordered (loaded mashed potato and mac/cheese) got together and had a love child, although there wasn’t a skin on this macaroni and cheese like there was at Manny’s, which I loved. But it was still tasty. 

For dessert, we had the sampler of cheesecake with an Oreo crust, creme brulee, and apple bread pudding. It was all phenomenal. We left full, but not stuffed. We were really impressed with the service, and the quality of food.


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