TiVo Dilemma

I’m thinking about removing my season pass to “How I Met Your Mother.” This is a decision I will not come to lightly. But the show has gone from providing several belly laughs per episode to the occasional chuckle. 

I don’t know if they were getting into a rhythm, and then they got thrown off by the strike. I don’t know if we’re all just ready for the mother plotline to wrap up already so we can have all Barney, all the time. Initially, the Stella plot was good, and the last episode of last season was amazingly well done, especially the beginning sequence to “Nice Dream” by Radiohead. I love their thoughtful choices of music; the show has also featured “Here Comes a Regular” by The Replacements and “Voices” by Cheap Trick. And the high point of this season for me was their quest for the ultimate burger, because that struck a chord with my love of meat.

But last week’s episode really bothered me. Lily and Marshall began talking about having a baby, and if there’s one way to kill a show, it’s that. It can be one thing if you start out as a family show, but once you introduce the poopy diaper jokes after several seasons of adult humor, it’s over. And really, I should give the writers more credit than that because it’s a very clever show, and they’ve been excellent with keeping the continuity down to the smallest detail (although I’d love for “slap bet” to make a return any day now).

However, this piece of news was even more rattling (oh, bad choice of words) than the potential baby plot. A future episode will feature Kim Kardashian (she of the big ass and sex tape fame, in case you hadn’t heard), and two of the biggest wastes of oxygen on the planet, Heidi and Spencer from “The Hills.” It’s bad enough that MTV employs them on a badly scripted pseudo-reality show, but for a legitimate comedy to put them on the payroll, if only for one episode? I can’t get behind that.

When they had Britney on last year, they were just trying to give the poor girl a hand. She had a few issues, and she needed their help getting back on her feet, for crying out loud. And now look at her. (My husband did just that, twice, when they showed “Womanizer” on TV this morning. Oh, the magic of having a DVR. And she’s on her feet in at least half of the video.)

My DVR is recording the current episode as I type. During the December hiatus, I’m going to do some serious thinking about the sources of my entertainment. Come on guys, don’t let me down. Unless they’re inviting those evil people on to completely take the piss out of them.



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