Things to Do Before a Vegas Trip: Pack

This seems obvious, but I think I put as much energy (if not more) into avoiding packing than the packing itself. 

For someone who likes to travel, I should be able to pack in ten minutes. I’ve even obsessive-compulsively made lists detailing all the items I’ve brought on past trips in the hope that it will serve as an easy guide for the next time. But seasons change (thank you, Expose), wardrobes change, airline regulations change… and it’s all for naught. Plus, I’m a major packing procrastinator. I’ll find anything to distract me– reading, blogging, cleaning, napping, showering, shopping… my attention span suddenly disappears at the sight of a suitcase. 

Typically, I’ll start to think about packing a month in advance. I’ll start auditioning outfits, and making sure I have comfortable shoes. Shoes are key in Vegas. The hotels look deceptively close, and the insides can also be larger than they initially appear. So even though those stilettos look cute now, you’ll be cursing them later after walking from one end of Caesars Palace to the other.   

You might want to bring a pair of nice shoes if you plan to visit any clubs (which I usually don’t). I’ve learned from personal experience that doormen do not look fondly upon sneakers, especially if you’re male. 

If you’re traveling during the summer months, make sure you bring sunscreen. You might also want to pack a light sweater for the casino, as they tend to crank up the air conditioning. During the spring, fall, and winter, bring several layers. Check the weather sites (my favorites are and for the forecast. You never know if you need to throw in a pair of shorts or a sweatshirt. You can get a general idea by looking at the historical highs and lows, but the real fun begins when the 10-day forecast starts to include days you’re going to be there. 

Vegas has lots of shopping opportunities, so if you accidentally leave something at home, you can always pick it up there. I always tell myself as long as I have my tickets, my driver’s license, my cash, and my birth control pills, I’m good to go.



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