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How I Met Your Mother is back! And all it took was an extended view of NPH with his shirt off. Well, that and a tight, cleverly written episode called “The Naked Man.” Gentleman, you are lucky to have that fine-looking lad playing for your team. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar. 

As I was watching the opening credits of “The Amazing Race,” I was reminded that I always actively root against the teams that appear in bikinis. 

Remember Natalie Cole’s album “Unforgivable,” I mean, “Unforgettable”? The one where she performed duets with her deceased father? Well, there’s an even worse disturbance on the musical scene this holiday season, and that is Elvis Presley Christmas Duets. Was this The King’s idea? Oh, hell no. This is an abomination. At least Natalie Cole can be forgiven because she was at least related to the person she was “singing” with, and in addition to the financial benefits, she had an emotional attachment as well. I don’t think Elvis even met half the people on this recording (and for many, that would have been impossible), much less hung out with them. It’s bizarre, much like the weird contrived hologram duet with Celine Dion on “Idol Gives Back.” 

The ninth track, “Silver Bells,” performed by the evil Anne Murray, appears to be the shiniest of all the turds on this album. There are a few musicians that make me irrationally angry (Phil Collins, don’t think I’m done with you), and she is one of them. There is something about her that disturbs me. Sure, I might have owned a couple of her 45s when I was a naive youth, but then I discovered the original version of “Daydream Believer” and I realized that she squeezed the life out of it, much like everything else in her catalog. I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person, but her recordings set my teeth on edge. 

(Wow, I thought I was avoiding Sunday despair before returning to work tomorrow, but I’m unusually cranky this evening.)


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  1. dslifton Says:

    Ever read Pat Metheny’s rant on Kenny G after he did a similar duet with Louis Armstrong? You may be irrationally angry, but this is rational anger.


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