Re-entry After a Vegas Trip: The Aftermath

The first day at work after a Vegas trip is always the worst. You realize that you didn’t hit that life-changing jackpot and you have to return to your responsibilities, which includes your day job. Reality hits you like a blast of cold water to the face. It hurts, especially if that blast of cold water occurs when you’re standing outside in November in Minnesota.

And as a special treat, I’ve decided to combine return-to-work day with new-haircut day. So in addition to the usual banal questions, I get to hear people point out that I’ve made an appearance change. Really? No, I let my dogs gnaw on my hair at night so I can see what surprise awaits me in the morning. (Normally, I don’t mind as much, but I’m having a difficult time adjusting to this particular cut, so I want the least amount of attention drawn to it as possible.)

With that in mind, I present to you Dos and Don’ts of Conversation with Coworkers Returning from Vegas:

Do ask them, “How was your trip?” This is a nice open-ended question and it allows the person to answer it however they want. They can say as much or as little as they’d like.

Do not ask them, “Did you win any money?” Obviously, unless they are packing their things and skipping out the door, it’s doubtful they hit a huge jackpot. And any insinuation to the contrary is just rubbing salt in their financial wounds. 

Do ask them, “What did you do?” This allows them to focus on the activities that provided them with the most joy and the fondest memories. Also, if they engaged in illicit (or illegal) behavior), this gives them the chance to leave those tidbits out.

Do not ask them, “Did you see any shows?” There’s so much more to see in Vegas besides shows. Also, if they did take in a Cirque production, they can throw that in the overall highlights of their trip. 

However, before I get too cranky, I have to say I feel lucky that I’ve been to Vegas so many times that I’ve been able to experience these questions over and over again. So when someone inevitably asks me something I’ve heard several times before, I’ll take a deep breath, crank out a rote answer, and mentally go back to my happy place.



3 Responses to “Re-entry After a Vegas Trip: The Aftermath”

  1. joe sedita Says:

    Great blog, Jan 12 Vegas !
    Listening to David Lifon podcast you guys did. You guys are really into music, wow !

  2. Michele Says:

    Thanks! How did you find it? I haven’t exactly publicized the site anywhere, mostly because I’m trying to figure out the purpose of the site (other than me writing about random stuff). But I’m glad you found it and commented!

    Yes, we’re very much into music, especially some of the local acts. The show with Dave was a lot of fun to do.

  3. joe sedita Says:

    I can’t remember how I found this now. When I hit 40 it was all over-joe

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