Town Talk Diner, Revisited

The go-to dinner spot for me and my friend Dave is Town Talk Diner. We have our other favorites, but when we heard (incorrectly, I hope) that it might be closing due to an ownership change, we became extremely attached. I feel like I use a lot of superlatives when I write about this place, but they’re all easily justifiable. 

We sat at the bar, and Dave wisely grabbed the two stools farthest from the door and closest to the kitchen. This ensured that we wouldn’t be shocked by the occasional cold burst of air whenever the door opened. It was 14 degrees when I drove to dinner, and 7 degrees when I drove home. Welcome to winter in Minnesota! At least it wasn’t snowing.  

Our seating location had the added bonus of various pork smells wafting by us as we dined. I abstained from ordering any pork-related items, but every time I caught a whiff of one, I inhaled and sighed deeply, ingesting the pork vicariously. 

Because of the bitter cold, we started off with warm beverages. I had the Hot Shot, which consisted of brandy, cherry liqueur, and cider. It filled all my needs of thirst, warmth, and alcohol. Dave ordered a drink made of hot tea, pine liqueur, and honey Jagermeister. It was blend of familiar tastes presented in a new way, and it was amazing yet comforting at the same time. 

We split two entrees: the macaroni and cheese with truffle oil and mushrooms, and the fried chicken served on a bed of sweet potato hash browns and a sweet potato sauce. Both courses were unbelievably good. They were savory and flavorful and warm and delicious. Every bite was a masterpiece. Again, as with the tea, they took familiar tastes but put a new spin on them. I’m extremely picky about mushrooms, but these were outstanding in the creamy, cheesy macaroni dish. And the sweet potato hash browns complemented the chicken quite well– sweet, but not cloying. I’m drooling as I type this. Winter brings out the comfort food cravings, and these dishes fit that need perfectly. 

For dessert, we split one of the adult milkshakes. We’re slowly working our way through their milkshake list, having tried the Silly Rabbit, Monkey Business, and Pumpkin Pie Shake. We decided to branch out and try the German Chocolate Cake, with dark creme de cacao, coconut rum, and ice cream. We were not disappointed. We wished that we had all night to try more items on their beverage list, but we both had to work in the morning. 

On our way out, we asked our server/bartender about the rumors that it might be closing, and he said he hadn’t heard anything about it. So we hope to be returning many times in the future.


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