Three Squares and Claddagh Irish Pub, Maple Grove

I met a couple friends for happy hour on the west side of town. We started the evening at Three Squares, which is owned by the folks who such nice work at the Groveland Tap and the Highland Grill. We started auspiciously with the sweet potato fries with chipotle pesto aioli. There was something just a little off about the texture– they weren’t crispy enough yet they were kind of tough in the middle. They were still tasty and we had no problems cleaning our plate.

We also tried the pierogies, the pulled pork quesadillas, and the beef and vegetable fondue (with polenta, grilled zucchini, and oven-roasted tomatoes). All were incredibly satisfying and flavorful. 

For beverages, I had a pear martini, which was crisp and refreshing, followed by a tequila mockingbird, which was smooth and had a salty rim. After several sips, I would mutter some sort of thanks to the gods who created tequila. It’s been my beverage of choice lately. 

We each had two drinks and we split the four appetizers, and before tip the bill came to less than $15 each, which was a great deal. 

Not ready to call it an evening, we skipped across the street (some of us literally) to the Claddagh Irish Pub. It was warm and cozy, and they gave us a table in a small  room all to ourselves. 

We split the Warm & Tipsy Bread Pudding and the Caramel Whiskey Apple Crisp. The pudding was served in a bed of cream sauce, and the apple crisp was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Both were warm and comforting and sweet, exactly what we were looking for to end the evening before we had to head out into the cold. 

I couldn’t resist ordering the Paddy’s Pumpkin, made with Bailey’s, Hiram Walker Pumpkin Liqueur, Kahlua, and Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps. It had a brown sugar and cinnamon rim. It was excellent, and I made everyone else at the table try it and rate it. We all agreed that although it was an incredibly tasty drink (and I would definitely order it again), the flavors of the pumpkin didn’t really shine through. We were using the Iron Chef system of judging. 

Rating for Paddy’s Pumpkin (on a scale of 1 to 5 pumpkins, with 5 being the highest): 3 pumpkins 



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4 Responses to “Three Squares and Claddagh Irish Pub, Maple Grove”

  1. joe sedita Says:

    hey i just listened to the fivehundy #1 show-it’s just not the same without you on there-you guys make a great team !

    These reviews you do on your blog are really well written-they are fun to read-joe

  2. Michele Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the words of encouragement!

    Yeah, the first few shows are Tim flying solo. I didn’t get in on the action until March of 2005 when we did a show about our anniversary. I was very giggly and nervous. I was a special guest star on a few more episodes until I was added permanently.

  3. joe sedita Says:

    Well Tim did the right thing. I can tell you guys have a great relationship which really helps your show because it is real. My wife and I started trying to do a podcast and I found it pretty challenging. I did a few and gave up.
    I am impressed by the organization of our show. I hear Tim making jokes about how he is lazy, but I do not believe it.
    It is also great to have your show because it made my wife see that there are other people like me that are so into Vegas.
    My family has been going there since the 50’s so we have a history there.
    By the way I have a sister up in your neck of the woods, she lives in Lakeville.
    She drove over that bridge that collapsed the day before it fell.
    one last thing-check out my friend in Minneapolis-
    merry christmas-joe

  4. Michele Says:

    Cool– I’ll have to check out that site.

    Tim used to drive over that bridge every day on the way to work. The freaky thing is that it could have happened at any time to any of us. I worked with one of the people who died in the collapse. I didn’t know her well, but I recognized her.

    Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how many people are into Vegas that much. It’s fun, though.

    I’m lucky that Tim does all the work– I might throw an idea in here or there, but he comes up with the content and organizes the show notes and the calls. I just give the dogs a couple treats to keep them occupied, plop down on the couch, and make some hopefully sparkling commentary.

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