25 Things About Me

Yes, it’s the dreaded Facebook meme, but I thought I’d draft it and cross-post it here.

  1. I was born in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace.
  2. I graduated from Denison High School in Denison, Texas. 
  3. I still say certain words with a Southern accent, and sometimes it kicks in when I get nervous, although I never really had an accent when I lived there.
  4. I studied in Germany for four months when I was in college. 
  5. I know how say “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” “may I have a beer?,” and “where’s the bathroom?” in German, French, and Spanish. 
  6. I’ve always wondered if I should have studied in England during college instead, but I’m not sure if I would have come back. 
  7. I moved to Minnesota after college, and only intended to stay temporarily, because I thought winter was insane. Then I met my husband. But this wasn’t a bad thing. 
  8. 16 years later, I still think winter is insane. As of January 30, 2009, it hasn’t been above freezing this year. But we have our diversions.
  9. I played nude soccer on the library lawn once during my senior year of college. (Important note: This was in May.)
  10. I hope there aren’t any pictures floating around of #9. That would be awkward, to say the least.
  11. I’ve played the Palms Lounge in Vegas. (Vastly different from my three botched karaoke performances at the former Barbary Coast.)
  12. I’ve been to Vegas 31 times. You would think this would help me pack more quickly. Not so. 
  13. I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen perform “Atlantic City” in Atlantic City, and “Born in the U.S.A.” just outside Washington, D.C.
  14. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (which is painfully evident on this blog). 
  15. I can’t imagine my life with children, and I’m incredibly content with that.
  16. When I was in grade school, I wrote a version of “Cinderella” on paper Shopko bags. I brought costumes to school, and our teacher let us perform the play. 
  17. The handsome prince ended up being a major league baseball reliever for the Atlanta Braves when he was older.
  18. I attended Prince’s first wedding reception at Paisley Park. Not as glamorous as it sounds: He charged for admission, and he and his then-wife (Mayte) had already left. But we did get to hear “Friend Lover Sister Mother Wife” for the first time and we had the most divine lemon cake.
  19. You can’t see me in the crowd shots, but I’m in Prince’s videos for “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Alive (and It Lives in Minneapolis)” and “Gold,” which is one of my favorite songs. We used to spend a lot of time at Paisley Park in the mid-’90s. 
  20. During baseball season, I’m slightly cranky the day after the Minnesota Twins lose. 
  21. I am on a personal quest to find a burger in the Twin Cities that I love as much as the burgers at Rossi’s Steakhouse. 
  22. When I was in junior high, I thought Motley Crue worshiped the devil. I saw them twice in 2005.
  23. I have had a crush on John Taylor for 25 years. My husband is OK with this. I don’t actively lust after him or anything. I just think he’s dreamy and I sigh whenever I see him on TV. 
  24. Despite working extensively with an intranet site in my day job, I cannot get half of the applications on Facebook to cooperate. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.
  25. My life would have been dramatically different if I had discovered The Replacements before 1993. I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since. 

3 Responses to “25 Things About Me”

  1. the cheap chick Says:

    Wo sind die Badezimmer? Ich mochte eine Bier, bitte! Or at least, I think that’s right – I haven’t written German in 15 years!

    Also, my favorite saying, “Es tut mir leid.” Which my friends and I used as the Germanic form of, “It sucks to be you.” Not an EXACT translation per se, but close enough!

  2. Michele Says:

    I used “Wo ist die Toilette?” or “Wo sind die Toiletten?” for the bathroom, but I think what you said would work as well.

    And I could never get the die/der/das thing right. I’m so thankful for “the.”

    I said “Es tut mir leid” over my German a lot! Both in the “I’m sorry I’m brutalizing your language” and in the “it sucks to be you to have to listen to me” sense.

  3. Working On A Dream blog Says:

    Outlaw Pete – Working On A Dream…

    …The newest Bruce Springsteen awesome disc, ‘Working On A Dream’, is released January 27th. I have had the pleasure of listening to it but I had to listen to it on headphones……

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