Barrio Tequila Bar – Downtown Minneapolis

The third time was a charm. 

I had tried to stop into Barrio on two previous occasions, but we didn’t have reservations and it was insanely crowded. I made reservations this time, to guarantee a table, and it was well worth the wait.

My friend Andrea and I got together to catch up over tasty food and beverages. I was a little concerned that the small space would be noisy, but we were able to carry on just fine. 

The beverage special that day was the Macho Camacho, which was made from blood orange ancho 1800, with a splash of cava. The first sip was fruity and sweet with a hint of tequila, but it had a surprising peppery kick at the finish. It was complex and wonderful. I had two. 

For food, we ordered the made to order guacamole, which arrived in a huge stone dish and was topped with cilantro, sliced radishes, peppers, and tomatoes. It was accompanied by fresh corn tortilla chips. We almost opted for the queso fundido, but thought that the soft tortillas might prove unwieldy, especially after a beverage or two. 

We also got the BBQ pork sopes, which were little round crispy things filled with savory, delightful pork. We each had a taco. Andrea was more adventurous and tried the lingua (tongue), which had a pulled beef texture and flavor. I ordered the skirt steak taco. Hers arrived in a soft tortilla while mine was in a lightly fried corn tortilla. Both tacos were fresh and tasty. They were garnished with lettuce, cilantro, and radishes, but the vegetables were used sparingly as accents. 

We were warned that the plates were fairly small, but we were full after our tacos and two appetizers. The food had heat, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy. 

I would definitely return, if only to continue my love affair with tequila. I can still taste the Macho Camacho and I sigh fondly whenever I think of it.


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4 Responses to “Barrio Tequila Bar – Downtown Minneapolis”

  1. the cheap chick Says:

    Yum! I’ve been wanting to try that place out, so thank you for the real-world review.

    I FINALLY made it inside to a table at Broder’s Pasta Bar last Sunday – after many many many failed attempts. It was very delish, and decently priced. However, no tequila in sight!

  2. dslifton Says:

    I could use some good Mexican food right now, or at least something fast and greasy.

  3. heatro Says:

    I actually really like the Barrio, but it is a little pricier than I would like. Their margaritas are GREAT! I didn’t know there was more than one, though. I usually go to the one in Saint Paul.

    And also, the queso fundito is actually pretty good. I’d recommend trying it next time.

  4. Michele Says:

    I’ve never been to the one in St. Paul but I’ve heard it’s delicious. I’ll have to try the margaritas and the queso next time.

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