Excellent Adventure

How long can a person use, “I’m recovering from jet lag” as an excuse to avoid doing things? Also, does it still count if everyone else is experiencing Daylight Savings Time lag? Or does that enable people to understand it better?

Anyway, I just got back from a glorious week in London. And I have tons of pictures and stories, but there’s no way I’m posting them all tonight. I’m hoping to add updates slowly over the next few days, though.

The good news:

  • My travel partner did not kill me.
  • I do not sound like Madonna (although we were using “lift” and “queue” by the end of the week, and whenever we had to squeeze by someone we would say “Sorry” or “Pardon me” with a slight accent, just to fit in with the locals).
  • We survived Death Tub and its lack of washcloths.
  • When he goes out of town, my husband is happy if I make an attempt to clean. When I go out of town, my husband completely remodels the bathroom. I’m a very lucky gal.
  • Naps, in moderation, are a good thing.

4 Responses to “Excellent Adventure”

  1. joe sedita Says:

    ha-sounds like you had fun. My dog remodeled our bathroom one time when he got locked in…btw thnx for your blog-i tell my sister in Minneapolis about them when she complains that there are no good places to eat there, so keep the reviews comin !

  2. Michele Says:

    Thanks! I had a couple things I meant to write up before the trip but ended up not doing it…

    Now I’m on a quest for British/Irish pubs in the Twin Cities. I’m starting to go through steak & ale pie withdrawal.

  3. joe sedita Says:

    wow -the blogs you have posted from your trip are so detailed and well put together. We just got back form Colorado with a bunch of great pics, but I can’t imagine writing anything as good as your articles. Maybe I will try…

  4. Michele Says:

    Thanks! I just threw some stuff out there so I wouldn’t forget what actually happened on the trip, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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