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Appropriately, the first picture I took in England. This was on the Piccadilly line from Heathrow.


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  1. dslifton Says:

    I was wondering if your time in England would refine your sense of humor to make it less puerile.

    I’m glad to see that was not the case.

  2. ChrisW Says:

    Paul Hogan (pre-Crocodile Dundee) used to advertise the Fosters brand of Lager/Beer in the UK in the 1980s.

    One of the adverts featured him in a tube station in London. He is approached by a bad stereotype of a Japanese tourist who asks “How get CockFosters?”.

    Hogan looks confused for a second and then replies deadpan “Yeh, drink it warm” and walks off.

    His career could only improve.

  3. Michele Says:

    Oops, I didn’t realize this got out there. I uploaded a whole bunch of stuff to Flickr and now I’m trying to figure out how to merge the pictures with some text I’ve drafted.

    Interesting advert… a lot of people asked if I drank warm beer over there and I don’t recall it being particularly warm. The beer was so tasty that I didn’t notice!

  4. Darran Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your time in London. It is an interesting read seeing what an American tourist gets up to in the City. Probably more that I have myself, following the general rule that you do not take advantage of what is in your own back yard.

    Just one little comment, your egg sandwiches at the Ritz ummm perhaps had watercress in them ( sprouts ! ).

    Hope you tried a penguin.

    As for Beer, maybe for the 40th you should visit the world renowned Peterbough Beer Festival eh.

  5. Michele Says:

    You’re right– it most likely was watercress. Sprouts are an option in several sandwich shops here so that’s what immediately came to mind!

    I didn’t try a penguin… what is that, exactly?

    Mmmmm…. beer festival….

    Thanks again for all the travel tips. I feel that there’s so much left to see. We didn’t even make it out of the city, so it would be fun to see the countryside sometime.

  6. Darran Says:

    I’m tempted to say an aquatic, flightless bird living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. But won’t. Just a little chocolate biscuit a couple of American visitors we have had got addicted to. Not that I am sterotyping at all of course.

  7. Michele Says:

    Those look delicious. I found a couple sites that specialize in clotted cream, scone mix, and biscuits, so I might have to add the penguins to my cart when I’m ordering the other stuff.

    I’m down to my last package of Smarties. Then again, maybe if I don’t have as much chocolate around I could lose the five pounds I gained on the trip!

  8. Darran Says:

    Just building up your responses! Have to say though thats one of the great things I enjoy when we visit America, finding all those ‘everyday’ items over there which are different to over here, especially those bad for the waistline. Three Muskateers, Tootsie Roll, Root Beer ( we have NO root beer over here, it is a major crime! ), even all those exotic Oreo varieties ( have only seen the standard Oreo here ) double stuffed … yum!

    The other way around, have not tried Joyce’s family on Smarties yet, will take some over next time. Cadburys Roses are always a hit & anything from Thorntons.

    Steak & Ale Pie – you are talking to an expert here. Joyce has given up on me and just orders that or Shepherds Pie when we have pub food.

    Got to go, just remembered we have a few Hershey Cherry Kisses left.

    Then its the excercise bike for me.

  9. Michele Says:

    I found myself doing the same thing in England, particularly in the chocolate aisle in grocery stores. The number of Cadbury items was astounding. Plus, I’ve tried some chocolate-covered biscuits here and they don’t compare to the offerings in the UK.

    No root beer? I had no idea! Same with the Oreo varieties.

    Smarties are so much better than M&Ms. They’re larger, and I love how the orange ones have that little hint of orange flavor, differentiating them from the rest of the pack.

    Now I want Steak & Ale pie for lunch…

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