Why I Love March

March might be my favorite month of the year. Here are a few reasons:

  • Spring training. It’s in full swing, and they’re not just stretching and tossing the ball around (which still is a landmark time signaling the beginning of the end of winter, don’t get me wrong). There are actual games being played, some of them are televised, and the baseball season is so close you can taste it.
  • March Madness. I love filling out brackets. I love watching the games because there’s so much on the line and everyone is emotionally intense. And I love the upsets and Cinderella teams. I love watching other people’s brackets get busted when mine is equally wrecked.
  • The feeling that the winter is endless, being replaced by feelings of hope. There’s that one day where it’s sunny and 50 or 60, and you can go outside without wearing a jacket and not freezing. You can envision yourself wearing short sleeves in the next few months. Sure, there’s always the inevitable snowstorm to remind us winter isn’t quite over, but it melts within a few days, because the majority of the snow that accumulated over the winter is already gone. Temperatures are warmer, because there’s less snow cover to chill the air.
  • Sunlight, and lots of it. I’ll admit that I have some Seasonal Affective Disorder, which makes January an especially fun time in our house. (January wins for least favorite month, hands down. But that’s another post for another time. It’s all about the joy of March.)
  • Travel. We usually take a vacation in March. It’s usually Vegas, but this year it was London.
  • The wardrobe transition. I love putting away the heavy wool sweaters and winter coats, and pulling out some of the lighter items in my wardrobe. I love spring colors and injecting some brightness into my color palette.
  • Being able to go for longer walks with the dogs without us or them freezing. It’s nice to let them outdoors in our yard for longer periods of time so they can expel some energy, too.
  • Music. I usually start listening to more pop-influenced music. Winter is for sparse, dark acoustic guitar or solo piano. Spring is about lighter fare, although I save the truly fluffy stuff for my summer playlists.

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