Buster’s on 28th

The plague has finally started to retreat from my lungs, so I made dinner plans to meet my friend Dave in his neighborhood for dinner. He suggested Buster’s on 28th because of their wide beer selection and my newfound fondness for ale.

I was a little late arriving, because I had to sit at the crossing of Hiawatha and 38th Street for well over five minutes. Hiawatha is a four-lane artery out of downtown Minneapolis, so it took a while for the light to change as I was on 38th. When it finally looked like I could cross, the light rail train’s signal took over (it runs parallel to Hiawatha), and I had to wait through another signal cycle. In other words, it took all of The Hold Steady’s “Your Hoodrat Friend” and half of Paul Westerberg’s “Psychopharmacology” for me to make it through the intersection. I found myself singing “f-u-c-k-e-d, that’s me” with more gusto than usual.

When I got there, Dave sympathized with my plight. He’d already secured a booth and a glass of dark beer from Colorado (it might have been the Great Divide Hibernation Ale, but my memory fails me). I ordered the Old Speckled Hen and was not disappointed. It’s an English Pale Ale, with a nice hoppy, malty flavor and an amber color. 

Dave ordered the fish and chips. I ordered the Buster’s Butter Burger and fries, ending my red meat embargo. The restaurant provided Heinz malt vinegar, and we both liberally coated our fries. The vinegar-covered fries and the beer helped me recall my English travel stories.

The restaurant also had Kwak, which was tempting but I decided the pint of Old Speckled Hen was enough for one evening. Plus, if I had to wait at the light on 38th Street again on the way home, I might fall asleep.

We ordered a chocolate layered cake, provided by A Baker’s Wife next door. It was phenomenal, topped with caramel and bits of toffee candy, with whipped cream on the side. 

On the one hand, I envy Dave and his partner for living so close to the restaurant and the bakery. But on the other hand, I’d be wearing a much larger pant size if I lived nearby. Luckily, this has not been a problem for either Dave or Keith. 

And to completely destroy any music credibility I might have built up early in this post, I must share that I voluntarily listened to and enjoyed a Backstreet Boys song on the way home (“The One” from Millennium).


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