Grumpy’s and Groveland Tap

A couple Thursdays ago, I met a few coworkers for happy hour. Our offices are on opposite sides of the Twin Cities, so Grumpy’s in Roseville is a nice place to meet in the middle. It was a little chilly for patio seating although a few brave souls were out there.

I didn’t have anything to eat, although food specials were plentiful. Nachos, mac and cheese bites, and mini corn dogs were passed around. I had a Newcastle Brown Ale from the tap, and it was fine, but I wasn’t all that excited about it. I was feeling a little off that day so I will probably try it again at some point, but I’m not in a huge hurry. Next time I’ll probably try one of their beer flights so I can sample several different kinds at once. They had a good selection from Wisconsin and Minnesota breweries, and they had a decent selection of Belgians.

Two nights later, Tim and I went to the Groveland Tap for dinner. I was hoping they’d have Boulevard beer from Kansas City, but they were out, so I took the opportunity to try a Delirium Tremens instead. Tim got a Summit Pilsner (all Summits were discounted between 3 and 6 even though it was a Saturday). We split the french fries and the deep-fried pickles. Fries don’t come with the burgers, so if you want them, you have to order them on the side. Tim ordered the Cajun Lucy, while I had the Blue Cheese Burger.

I had a sip of Tim’s beer (alcohol kills all germs), and it was light and refreshing. The Delirium Tremens was light, smooth, with a slight hint of spice at the finish. It seemed to get stronger as I drank it too, so I only ordered one. I would definitely have it again, though. It was more golden and less fruity than Kwak, but very crisp and clean.

The deep-fried pickles were spears, instead of chips. They were quite tasty, and they came with Tim’s favorite condiment, ranch dressing. The shoestring fries were fine, but not exceptional. I liked my burger, but didn’t taste a lot of blue cheese. The burgers are a little on the smaller side, which is fine with me because I have a hard time finishing a monster burger. I was going to have a bite of Tim’s Cajun Lucy but I still have a touch of the plague, and when he said it wasn’t a life-altering experience, I passed. The food was good, and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it, but I’m still on a quest for the perfect burger, the one that makes me exclaim with meaty delight after I’ve taken each bite. (And yes, I thought about changing that last bit because it rhymed, but that encapsulates what I’m trying to say.)

After we got home, I had some Fuller’s ESB and a bottle of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout that I picked up from Cellars Wine and Spirits. They’ve been my London Pride supplier and I was happy to see that they also had bottles of ESB. It definitely tastes better straight from the tap at Brit’s, but it’s nice having the bottle option for convenient storage in my home. The stout was very good– just a hint of chocolate, in a smooth, full-bodied stout. It made a nice dessert.


4 Responses to “Grumpy’s and Groveland Tap”

  1. joe sedita Says:

    You guys know how to live. I sent Tim a demo of a song I wrote-not sure if he got it but I sent it as a way of saying thanks for playing my music so many times.

    This is a great beer company, see if you have ever had any of their beers-

    see ya -joe sedita

  2. laurie Says:

    yum i love boulevard wheat beer.

  3. The Cheap Chick Says:

    I’ve heard Meh comments about Grumpy’s in Roseville. I just hope they last longer than some of the other restaurants in that location.

    And for Jucy’s? I heart Casper and Runyons!

  4. Michele Says:

    Service at Grumpy’s has been wildly inconsistent, depending on where you’re sitting. We’ve always had great service in the restaurant area, but not in the bar. There were a couple times where we made sure to order the tall glass in case the waitress didn’t come around for a while.

    Ooh, I’ll have to add Casper and Runyon’s to the list of places to visit!

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