Happy Gnome, The Sequel

Patio season is finally (if inconsistently) upon us, and my friend Janeen and I took advantage of it at The Happy Gnome last week. We were able to find a spot in the shade for most of the evening, and although we were a little concerned it would be windy, it was perfect.

We each had the warm spinach salad, which really wasn’t warm at all. The waitress said that only the dressing was warm, but by the time we got the salads they were room temperature, which was just fine with me on an already warm day. The salad was a delicious blend of leafy spinach, shredded parmesan, pancetta crisps, and pecans, from what I remember. (I really need to take notes and bring a camera more often.) We also split the elk tart, which was a meat and gruyere cheese concoction served in a pastry crust. It was divine. We joked with one of the servers about licking the plate.

For beer, I started with the Belhaven Scottish Ale. It had a slight hint of toffee, and a smooth malty head that was Guinness-like, except that the beer was a dark amber color. I followed it up with the Left Hand Ju Ju Ginger, which was light and crisp and (as expected) gingery. The head was more foamy. It would go really well with Asian food. I would definitely order both of them again.


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3 Responses to “Happy Gnome, The Sequel”

  1. dslifton Says:

    “Smooth, malty head,” “foamy head.”

    Please tell me you were at least giggling when you wrote that.

  2. JasoninCA Says:

    I vote for bringing a camera. I’d love to see that Elk Tart, it sounds so decadent!

  3. Michele Says:

    Dave– you know I was.
    Jason– I’ll try to do that more often. Too bad my camera phone is sucktacular– otherwise I would have tried with that.

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