Weekend Beer Sampler

Apparently I have a new hobby.

I stopped into Cellars in Roseville, because I was running an errand at Chuck and Don’s and I thought I’d see what they had to offer. I was silly to think I’d walk out of there empty-handed. As I was wandering in the beer aisle, I started to talk to the guy restocking the bottles, and before I knew it I was leaving the store with a six-beer sampler with his recommendations. He did not steer me wrong.

I started with the Rush River Small Axe Golden Ale, and I was thrilled. It had a beautiful golden color, and it was light and crispy yet had some depth to it at the same time. I will definitely buy this again, along with some of the brewery’s other offerings. I just can’t get over how much I like this beer. It reminded me of some of the Belgians I’d been sampling. And they’re just a few miles down highway 94!

We went to Old Chicago for dinner, where I took advantage of the opportunity to try Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. It was a light golden color. I had Boulevard previously in Kansas City and it was more of an amber, but this was quite pleasant, and it was nice to have it on draft. Despite being a chain, I was really impressed with Old Chicago’s deep dish crust. Deep dish can be really greasy, and this crust was soft and bready and almost pastry-like.

When we got home, I had some Goose Island Honker’s Ale. They describe it on the label as “A smooth drinkable English-style bitter for drinkers who want more from their beer.” Hey, that’s me! The beer was slightly more hoppy than my previous samplings, but still very enjoyable.

I finished, appropriately, withThe Bitter End Pale Ale from Two Brothers Brewing Company. It was another English-style bitter, even more hoppy than the Goose Island, but quite tasty.

Later that weekend, I tried a Victory Prima Pils. It took hops to a whole other level. I think it would have been better at the end of a sampler where I slowly worked my way up to it, but not something I would grab as the first option. But if you like hoppy, bitter-style beer, this is for you.


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4 Responses to “Weekend Beer Sampler”

  1. JasoninCA Says:

    I am typically not that big a fan of beer being out here in the wine-obsessed bay area. But your descriptions have my mouth watering. I think I need to start trying some of these brews they just sound so good!

  2. Michele Says:

    Thanks! My beer obsession is a pretty recent thing. But like wine, it’s interesting to discover the subtle differences in each bottle. I really want to get into beer and food pairings. When you pair the right wine with the right food, it’s almost magical, and I want to see that happen with beer as well.

  3. laurie Says:

    wow, we hang out at the same places! como park vet, the cellars, chuck and dons….
    i wonder how many time we’ve passed each other without knowing it.

  4. Michele Says:

    Laurie– no kidding! Not to mention the new Rainbow store.

    I love how Chuck and Don’s and Cellars are so close… I always find an excuse to stop in one when I had just planned on visiting the other.

    I saw that they closed the Cellars on Larpenteur. Tim thinks it was because they had no refrigerators, so it prevented people from popping in to get a cold beer. They had a nice selection despite their store’s small size. I don’t find it a hardship to go to their other location, obviously.

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