Vincent and Hell’s Kitchen

Looking over the last few posts, it’s been beer beer meat cocktails beer beer meat beer. And I wonder why I’ve gained several pounds over the last few weeks.*

However, that did not stop me from meeting my friend Andrea at Vincent in downtown Minneapolis. We’d both heard wonderful things about the burger, and it did not disappoint.

I ordered a glass of the Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon, because I was in the mood for red wine. It was very good, especially for $3 a glass. I would have ordered beer, but they only had Summit Extra Pale Ale and 1664 on tap, and I love red wine with burgers or steak.

The burger was made of ground beef with short ribs in the middle, covered in melted Gouda cheese and a subtly tangy sauce, accompanied by two fresh slices of tomato, shredded lettuce, and onions. The bun was lightly toasted to perfection. The burger was outstanding, and I loved having a little savory pork surprise in the middle of each bite. The fries were also amazing. They tasted like McDonald’s fries (which to me is not an insult, and I feel much better about eating these fries than the ones at McD’s). They were hot and salty and fresh. For $8 on the bar menu, the burger is an incredible deal, and it’s the best burger I’ve had in the Twin Cities in a while.

Service was excellent. We had a very attentive (and attractive) waiter, who was always available but didn’t hover. The bar began to fill up, so we vacated the table and walked down Nicollet Mall, where we were pelted by wind and some flying debris. We sought shelter in a booth in the tavern of Hell’s Kitchen. I was tempted by their cocktails, but asked the bartender about their house beer. I believe it was called “Angel’s Demise” and it was from a brewery near Duluth, but I’m having a hard time finding it in The Googler. Based on his description, I took a chance and it was wonderful. It was a beautiful red color and had a hint of spice and the tiniest bit of hops. It was full-bodied and delicious, and I will be returning to learn more about it.



*Incidentally, did you know that if you wave your hands in the air for three hours, you’ll be sore all over for two days? I call it the Springsteen workout. If we could follow Bruce on tour, I could have all the food I wanted and I wouldn’t have to go up a pants size.


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  1. The Cheap Chick Says:

    Hey there! This is a completely unrelated comment, but I can’t find your email address – my blog URL has changed to:

    Could you update my link on your page? Thank you! You are the best 🙂

  2. The Cheap Chick Says:

    Having done the Springsteen workout twice before, I feel your pain – literally.
    Thank you for the comprehensive review of Vincent’s burger! I’ve read so much about it, but you described it the best 🙂

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