Hell’s Kitchen Happy Hour

My friend Dave and I were looking for something off the beaten path before a show at Target Center. We decided Hell’s Kitchen was the way to go (and the band we were seeing also has a black and red design theme). Also, they’re one of the few places who have a happy hour 7 days a week. I had been there for brunch many times, but this was my first dinner/happy hour experience.

The bar wasn’t open until 5:30, so we opted to sit in the main restaurant area. There was no wait, but the restaurant was doing a decent business and was about 3/4 full.

To start, we ordered the sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo sauce ($3). They were lightly salted, and the dipping sauce was delicious. I only wish there had been a little more of it, because we exhausted the supply. The fries were delightful on their own, though.

We each had a mini turkey & brie on baguette with chips ($5). I didn’t have the chips (they looked like standard tortilla chips and didn’t come with any dipping sauce, although I’m sure salsa was available for an extra charge). But the sandwich was divine, and a little larger than I expected, so it was very filling.

We had a little more room in our stomachs, so we ordered the garlic-teriyaki wings with bleu cheese dressing and celery ($4) to ensure we wouldn’t be starving during the show. I could only eat two wings, but they were just the right amount of saucy and crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside.

I should have written down the beverages we ordered, along with the ingredients, because they don’t have that information posted online. Here’s the best I can do from memory:

We each ordered a Tequila Mockingbird (tequila, sour, and grenadine). It was beautifully presented, with the grenadine on the bottom. I didn’t do the greatest job of mixing mine up, so sometimes I’d get a mouthful of tequila, and at other times I’d get a taste of grenadine. I like tequila, so I’m not complaining…

We then split two drinks. The first was called a something Fosse, and it was a martini with ginger-infused vodka and basil, with a giant basil leaf floating in the middle. It had a complex and refreshing flavor, with a little pepper kick at the end. For dessert, we had a peanut butter martini, which looked like chocolate milk with chopped nuts inside and chocolate on the rim of the martini glass. A very tasty way to end the meal.

The whole meal cost about $43, not including tip, so it was a steal for fine food and drinks in downtown Minneapolis.


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