Vegas Trip – July 2009, Day 2

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We had breakfastes at Wynn buffet. The cheesy hash brown balls are little pieces of heaven. I also had an omelet with spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, and egg whites. For meat, I grabbed a surprisingly tasty piece of chicken sausage with apples, and some surprisingly not tasty pieces of bacon. That was OK because I needed room for other things. Muesli and strawberries w/ granola were a fantastic end to the meal.

Breakfastes at Wynn Buffet

Tim had a $25 credit for his room stay, so I watched him play bonus poker. I was very content, and it was like meditation. My brain unwound a little, and it felt really good.

We went back to the room to pack. The only service glitch at Wynn occurred when we called down to have them take our bags, and nobody came. We waited for about a half hour, then brought our bags down ourselves and headed for Caesars.

We checked in at Caesars Diamond registration, and immediately the level of service took a dive. Let’s just say the lady working there wasn’t too happy with her life and was unnecessarily snippy. Our conversation went something like this:

Tim: “Hi, we’d like to check in. Originally we had an Emperor’s Suite but got a confirmation that it had been changed to an Augustus Tower room, and we were wondering if anything else was available.”

Clerk: “We’re completely sold out, and this room is all we have.”

[This was on a Thursday, in July. Typically a very slow time. And there were no major conventions or concerts or fights in town. Just had to be said.]

Me: “Well, would you be able to give us a Strip view?”

Clerk: “This room doesn’t have a view.”

Me: “What?”

Clerk: “This room doesn’t have a view. I don’t have that information. You’d be better off taking this room because we’re sold out and it might be gone in the next 30 seconds.”

So we begrudgingly took the room. It was a nice room, but my initial perception of it was soured by our check-in experience. We checked into room 2877 in the Augustus Tower. I opened the drapes and peered through the dirty window. I could see the Palace Tower and the Forum Tower. So instead of giving us an upgrade to the Emperor’s Suites, she gave us a room with a view of those suites, through a dirty window, no less. What a nice touch.

We walked over to O’Sheas to console ourselves with beverages.  I had a cape cod and rum/diet. Tim looked at the jukebox and got a crazy idea to put lots of money in the jukebox and Ricky Martin roll the beer pong playas later.

As we walked past the former Barbary Coast, we noticed a $9.99 all you can eat Chinese food special. We wanted to get more details but never did.

Bally’s had a Miller Lite kiosk set up outside the main entrance. The prices changed every time we walked by, although we never considered buying any.

We played some video poker at Planet Ho. Their playlist ranged from “You Better You Bet” by The Who (very appropriate) to “Let’s Go All the Way” by Sly Foxx (not so much). There were no  cocktail waitresses in my vicinity for an hour. I had a screwdriver and a bottled water at the Extra Lounge, where Tim had relocated.

We also had a room at Planet Hollywood through a player’s club promotion. We checked into room 3087, which had a nice view of the Bellagio fountains, Paris, and City Center.

However, the room and the window were really small, and there was no door on the toilet (just the main bathroom), which could be awkward.

We had a late lunch/early dinner at the Spice Market buffet so we could have a good base in our stomachs before our trip downtown. We arrived at about 3:45 but weren’t seated until after 4:00. They were changing over the food from lunch to dinner.

We took a cab to the Golden Nugget and walked to The Griffin just past the end of the Fremont Street canopy. I have a new favorite bar. Tim has a new favorite bartender. Her name was Laura, and she made fantastic beverages. We had a Hard Palmer, which was sweet tea vodka and lemonade, and it went down quite smoothly. She also made a honeydew martini, which was like a cosmopolitan but made with honeydew vodka. The Griffin had a great jukebox with songs ranging from classic rock (The Who) to modern rock (The Fratellis, The Hold Steady). The bar was dimly lit, and there were leather couches surrounding a fire pit. The bar was empty when we walked in around 5:00, but the bartender said that it picked up later and was packed around 10:00. We didn’t make it back to confirm this. She also said that a lot of the Cirque du Soleil performers hang out there, and when they start getting tipsy it gets a little crazy in there when they decide to do acrobatics.

Drinks at The Griffin

We needed to not drink for a while, so we stumbled over to the Four Queens. I lost $20, but Tim hit four deuces on Deuces Wild. He took his winnings over to the Vegas Club, where he played the Piggy Bankin’ slots and actually won.

We noticed a new trend of dancers in the gambling pits at two unlikely places: Vegas Club and Golden Gate. Vegas Club has a “naughty” theme. Just take your basic Halloween costume (cop, nurse, whatever) and attach “naughty” to it, and there are your pit dancers.

Golden Gate failed us in our quest for nachos, so we walked down to the Main Street Station brew pub, who met that need and provided us with a tasty Belgian beer called Summer Saison.

We mutually agreed that we were not to set foot in La Bayou this evening, because that would only result in disaster.

We ended our evening downtown at Sidebar. They had a swanky cocktail menu with lots of unfmiliar ingredients. I had a cantaloupe martini, which was refreshing and delicious.


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