Vegas Trip – July 2009, Day 3

Friday, July 17, 2009

I felt a little better about our room. It had nice Gilchrist and Soames bath products, which were nicer than the normal Harrah’s soaps and shampoos. And the room was a decent size, and it was clean, and it was larger than any other Caesars room we’d had. Not saying that anything that happened during our check-in process was right, but I won’t feel salty about the room because of it.

For breakfastes, we ate at Payard in their restaurant section, just around the corner from their counter. I ordered a broccoli, tomato, and cheese quiche. It was very good, but a little on the expensive side for breakfast (around $25 per person).

Payard Patisserie Quiche

We went over to Planet Hollywood to gamble. I lost a little, but I was able to play for a long time, so I felt sufficiently entertained.

We had reservations for noon at the Diamond Lounge, and we were a little thirsty, so off we went. When I was in the bathroom, the guy next to Tim said “your wife sure can drink.” They had seen us on a previous trip and had a similar thought. I told Tim he should have replied that this was our equivalent of the drinking olympics. We don’t do this at home, really. At least not every weekend.

We took a break from the beverages and played some more at Planet Ho. I found a decent video poker machine by the live poker area.

We were both fading, so we went up to our P Ho room for a brief nap before our show at 8:00. After we woke up, we watched the Luck Be a Lady fountain show as the sun was setting.

We had tickets for Peepshow on the main floor in Row W seats 126 & 127. The theatre was sparse. The section on the main floor with tables was about half full, while the theatre seats farther back was less than 1/3 full. The middle section was the only one with people, and there were still several empty rows.

If you haven’t seen Peepshow, it contains a lot of boobs. A lot. Picture as many boobs as you can, then picture some more. When I walked out, I felt a little too clothed. And then I thought every woman I saw was going to take her top off in the next five minutes, and I was wondering if I was supposed to do the same. It took a while for my brain to return to normal.

Holly Madison was a good performer as the main Bo Peep character, although it was hard to believe the beginning of the story that she was spending a Saturday night alone without a date. She didn’t have a lot to do in the show, but she basically had to stand there and look good and she did that well.

Shoshana Bean was excellent as the Peep Diva. She was a strong singer and had a great, sassy stage presence. She was the glue that held the show together, and I wish she had been on stage more often.

The show weaves a story of Bo Peep falling asleep and having really weird dreams about nursery rhymes, interspersed with scenes of the Peep Diva trying to find her a man. After a while, I found myself thinking, “Okay, we haven’t seen boobs in the last three minutes. There’s no way this song is ending without boobs.” And sure enough, someone (or several someones) would find her top too constricting and whip it off.

The most vivid scene was the Milkshake song, with ladies writhing in a vat of fake milk and pressing various parts against the glass. Ending, of course, with boobs.

There were a couple mildly disturbing scenes, when Bo Peep’s dog comes alive as a male dancer, and when a girl sang about her teddy bear (again, ending with boobs). The show culminated with Holly Madison taking center stage, and you’ll never guess what she did. (Hint: It involves her upper half.)

Me: “I close my eyes and I see boobs.”
Tim: “Now you know how I feel every day.”

After the show, we had dinner at Planet Dailies I had mac and cheese, which was incredible, even though the portion was about five times more than what I could eat.

There were tons of people in the casino waiting to get into Prive (which closed a few weeks later due to illegal activity). The foot traffic was badly set up, with people blocking the aisles with their posing. It might have made more sense to have the line upstairs because there was plenty of room up there, but I’m sure the casino hoped that a few people would be lured from the lines to gamble.


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