Vegas Trip – July 2009, Day 5

Sunday, July 19, 2009

While I played bonus poker at Caesars, a woman near us on the Wizard of Oz machines was freaking out. She was yelling something about going over the rainbow. I did a stealthy walk-by, and she won about $170 on a bonus round, which was exciting, but not enough to scream over. By the way she was acting, we thought she had won the whole thing.

We had breakfast at the walk-up counter at Payard. We each had a salmon, cream cheese, and chive sandwich on pretzel bread. I ordered orange juice. which was ridiculously priced at $6, but I was thirsty. Water was $5, so for an extra $1 I got additional flavor and pulp and vitamin C with my beverage.

Salmon Sandwich on Pretzel Bread

I played a little more bonus poker. I didn’t win, but I played for a long time. If I can’t win, at least let me lose slowly.

We had coupons for two free frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity 3. They are full of win (really, see below). And chocolate. They are normally $8 each for 16 oz, but I would definitely pay for them again. The restaurant was busy, so we stopped by the window to pick them up, then we sat under the canopy outside Caesars.

It had been a few minutes since we’d gambled, so we walked back down to Planet Hollywood. I lost $20 on dwvp, then switched to bonus poker and hit the royal. Awesome.

My slot card decided to stop working, so I went to the booth to get a new one. I was rewarded with $10 in free play and two free buffets. I played Elvis slots with the free play and cashed out $15.

We had the P Ho buffet for dinner. They close down the food between 3:30 and 4 to set up for dinner. We got there at 3 and were able to finish. There was quite a run on the dessert bar. We passed on sweets, opting for liquid dessert  (chocolate martinis) at the bar upstairs and even more at the Paris Diamond Lounge.

We finally tried the infamous Merlot Martini. This has been an ongoing joke between us and Frank the server for ages, but we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was (then again, it was one of Sal’s concoctions, so we shouldn’t have been).

Merlot Martini

After bidding the Diamond Lounge a fond farewell, we went down to O’Sheas, where Tim programmed “She Bangs” to play 14 times in a row. Unfortunately the beer pong players thwarted our Ricky-roll and programmed a bunch of pseudo rap and paid more for priority status, so we only heard the song once. We have a strategy for next time, though.

We were craving meat, so we went to BLT Burger in Mirage. Tim got a burger and an adult milkshake, while I got the classic angus burger and skinny fries. Tasty.

Burger and Fries at BLT Burger

I went to bed, but Tim stayed up to gamble more, because he had consumed several energy drinks from the minibar in the room earlier. The next morning, I caught the gambling bug and I wished I had done the same.


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