Vegas Trip – July 2009, Day 6

Sunday, July 20, 2009

We had breakfastes at the Augustus Cafe. I ordered the Augustus breakfast with eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes for $17. Pancakes are underrated. So is maple syrup, especially when it’s mixed with salty meats. Mmmmm.

I still had gambling urges, so I played Gold Fish slots until it was time to check out and won $10.

We took a cab to airport, and the cabbie was a really nice guy. He talked about the City Center development and how badly it’s needed for the Vegas economy. It’s so big it will have its own fire station. Speaking of emergencies, he also said that two people were checking out of Caesars yesterday and had to be carried away by ambulance. Crazy. From the heat. Or something.

At the airport, I made the mistake of playing the Wheel of Fortune slots. It teased me with the 1000 bonus on the wheel, but gave me 25. Bastards. I lost $10 on wheel and dwvp so I was even for the day.

I was a little cranky on the way home, as usual. The airplane had really small aisles, so I kept getting bumped by beverage carts, flight attendants, and people en route to bathroom. Luckily, there were no delays and it was a smooth flight, so we arrived exhausted but safe.


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