Having a Shocker

Snow Patrol

State Theater, Minneapolis, 9/10/2009

As lead singer Gary Lightbody explained during one of the night’s many sound snafus, “having a shocker” is when you have good intentions but things turn out badly. For example, you’re approaching the girl of your dreams and suddenly you forget how to speak. to him and the rest of the band, the night was “having a shocker” but I still had a lot of fun.

The show was originally scheduled for Myth, the nightclub in Maplewood, but it was moved to the State due to Myth being closed because of ownership shenanigans. We (actually Tim) had exchanged our general admission tickets and ended up in row E on the right side of the stage.

We got to the theater a little after 7:30, but decided to grab a quick drink at Hell’s Kitchen because the opening act was the Plain White T’s and I have a restraining order against “Hey There Delilah.” I heard from some people in our row that they were actually pretty good.

Side note on Hell’s Kitchen: I love it as a brunch or dinner spot, but it really isn’t my go-to bar for a quick drink anymore. This was Tim’s first visit there since it had changed over from Rossi’s, and he was not impressed. I believe the phrase he used was “hipster Applebee’s.” While their menu is much more adventurous than your average chain, the vibe is completely different from the previous space. Rossi’s was much more refined– it was dark and subdued, the servers wore white coats, and I never saw anyone under 21 there. HK is much brighter in decor, the servers wear t-shirts (or pajamas on weekends) and have many more piercings, and it has more of a family vibe. We did get some free scotch samples from a guy working for The Naked Grouse, so that was nice.

We went back to the theater and took our seats about 15 minutes before the band started. Gary’s guitar went a bit wonky and they had to switch the set around for songs that didn’t require his guitar. The band was a little rattled but they handled it well, making jokes as they tried to keep the set moving. They were very complimentary to their guitar techs and sound crew, making sure to point out that the crew was trying hard to make the show go on, when it would have been really easy to blame someone. The adversity and the band’s good attitude made the crowd pull for the band even more. I only hope they got all the kinks worked out before they opened for U2 in two days.

The set was a nice mixture of classics and songs from the new album “A Hundred Million Suns.” The set didn’t have a lot of momentum because the band had to stop songs or take long pauses between songs due to the technical difficulties, but it was still an enjoyable evening. When they were in the midst of each song, and everything worked, and there were no distractions, there were some great moments.


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4 Responses to “Having a Shocker”

  1. Noteman Says:

    Thanks for the mention of our new whisky, The Naked Grouse! Sounds like you had a fun evening after all, despite “having a shocker” or two. We enjoy “anitamartini’s lounge,” and look forward to your next post!

  2. Michele Says:

    Thanks– I greatly enjoyed the whisky and hope to enjoy more soon!

  3. Sam Says:

    Nice review!

  4. Michele Says:

    Thanks, Sam! You have a fantastic site and I’m having a great time looking at all the information.

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