The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem, with Frank Turner, The Loved Ones, and Murder by Death at The Cabooze, Minneapolis

We’d been waiting for over six months for this show. We were originally scheduled to see The Gaslight Anthem at The Varsity Theater, but they had to cancel due to lead singer Brian Fallon’s abscessed tooth, after he fought his way through the show the night before. I can’t blame them at all, though. It just stretched out the anticipation.

The Cabooze is a narrow venue, with the stage near one end. Sight lines can be tricky, so we got there fairly early for a spot where we had a good view of the stage.

We were very impressed with Frank Turner, who opened the show with an acoustic set. He played passionate yet catchy songs that were a good blend of punk and folk. We also enjoyed The Loved Ones, who had a fun set of punk-influenced songs.

Going to the bathroom was quite an adventure. Because we had placed ourselves on the opposite end of the bathrooms, I had to weave through a mass of people wedged in a narrow space to get there. It was like running a gauntlet. But I accomplished my mission before the main set began.

I tried to take some cell phone pictures of The Gaslight Anthem, but how do you take a picture of joy? And how do you capture the enormity of the moment? The wait had definitely paid off. They opened with “High Lonesome,” then launched into “Casanova, Baby!” which is one of my favorite songs ever. The band looked like they were enjoying themselves, and the crowd was completely into it. One guy turned to the group around him and thanked all of us for singing along. We all were pumping our fists and raising our glasses in the air and singing as loudly as we could. I, too, was thankful to be surrounded by a fun group of people.

The band played all of the songs from “The ’59 Sound,” a couple from the “Senor and the Queen” EP, along with a few from their first album, “Sink or Swim.” During the encore, they performed a cover of “Trusty Chords” by Hot Water Music.

I still get completely giddy when I think about this show. It was such a great, energetic performance. As much as I love their studio work, the power of their live show made me appreciate them even more.


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