Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 1

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flights had been delayed all day due to weather (snow for the third time in a week) and runway construction. Tim had been watching the flights carefully online, so we were able to wait for a few hours in the comfort of our own home instead of at the airport. We watched the balloon boy coverage on TV as I did some last-minute cleaning and packing. Tim hypothesized that the boy had never been in the balloon and was hiding out because he knew he was in big trouble.

We had dinner at the restaurant in the Humphrey Terminal, and started the trip off with a couple relaxing vodka/sodas. As we were eating, we overheard someone say they’d found the balloon boy in the attic and Tim exclaimed, “I knew it!” We both hoped his prognostication skills would serve him well in Vegas.

After we boarded the plane, the pilot announced with a sigh that Joe Biden was in town and that we’d have to wait for 30 more minutes to take off. Luckily, the delay was only 15 minutes, but the plane departed 4 hours and 15 minutes after its scheduled time.

We had tickets to the Fountains of Wayne show at 11:00 that night, and we wondered how close we were going to cut it.

We landed safely and had a good cab driver who knew the fastest way, and we had little traffic. We checked into Paris (more about our fabulous room later), changed clothes, and were on our way.

We had another good cab driver who bypassed some traffic on Harmon and got us to the Hard Rock in record time. We arrived at Wasted Space at 10:45, just in time to grab a couple drinks at the bar and find a spot near the stage.

The club is small– it only holds about 450 people. The back is lined with couches and seating for bottle service. The stage is directly in front of you as you enter, and there is a bar to the right. Outside the club is an annex with lounge chairs, and I almost walked in there by mistake.

As we were waiting for the band to start, we noticed an odd sight: Three generations of Ed Hardy. There was Ed Hardy, a middle-aged man with glasses and an Ed Hardy polo. There was Ed Hardy, Jr., a man in his 20s with the same polo but a matching belt. Then there was Ed Hardy’s mom, a gray-haired woman in her 60s who was rocking a t-shirt.

Normally we call the shirts “douchecapes” but these people seemed very non-douchy. Normally, you see this gear on people waiting in line outside Pure or XS or Tryst or one of the bazillion nightclubs and ultralounges in Vegas. I don’t think this gang would have been allowed in any of those places. When your mom is wearing Ed Hardy gear, it’s the beginning of the end of the trend. This is one trend death we’re happy to report.

The Fountains of Wayne show had been billed as an acoustic concert, but the band didn’t disappoint us by plugging in, even though my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. I was three people from the front of the stage, and I was in power pop heaven. When we saw their acoustic show this summer, I remembered thinking how much fun it would be to see them perform an electric show, and my wish was granted.


They mentioned that they’d been playing acoustic shows in places like “cultural centers” and they thought they’d balance that out by playing in a casino. I wanted to yell out “I was there!” or at the very least ask them if they remember the Cedar Cultural Center smelling like patchouli or if they’d found any stray beard hairs in their gear, but I didn’t. They had enough shenanigans to deal with, because the drunk guy in front of me wearing the Teenage Fanclub shirt yelled out, “Troubled Times!” every time the band finished a song. For example, they introduced “Hackensack” as a song about a town in New Jersey, the dude yelled out “Troubled Times!” and Adam responded that the town was not called “Troubled Times.” They were good-natured about it, and even included the song in the encore (and that was the point where I melted into a puddle of goo in the middle of the floor, after having my soul leaving my body at least 10 times before).



Songs they played, not in any particular order, and I’m sure I’m leaving some stuff out:

No Better Place

Someone to Love

Mexican Wine

Red Dragon Tattoo

The Summer Place (unreleased, but available on YouTube Records)

Leave the Biker (dedicated to the biker rally that was in town)

Sink to the Bottom

Hey Julie


Bright Future in Sales

Radiation Vibe (with bits of Jet Airliner, Let’s Go, Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 1, and Reunited thrown in)


Stacy’s Mom

Troubled Times


Wasted Space was a great venue. If you have a chance to see a band there, I would highly recommend going. It’s such an intimate place. I was five feet from the stage the whole time, and I felt like they were singing right to me. The staff was friendly, and the club didn’t have the exclusive vibe that some of the other Vegas clubs have. I felt very comfortable there and had a great time. The show was a wonderful way to kick off the trip.

Want to see more pictures? Here’s the Flickr set.


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