Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 2

Friday, October 16, 2009

After last night’s fantastic show, I had Fountains of Wayne songs popping in and out of my head for the next few days, like a soundtrack for the trip. I also heard a guy yelling “Troubled Times!” but that was only during my occasional loss at the machines.

We awoke in room 3164P, a Lyons suite at Paris Las Vegas. Last night, when we were checking in, Tim asked the clerk if there were any suite upgrades available, and luckily for us, there were. It was a smoking room, but we didn’t mind.

The suite had double doors which opened to an entryway with a small bathroom (toilet and sink) off to the side. Directly in front of us was a living room/dining area with a couch on one side and a dining table and desk on the other. Past the couch was the bedroom, with a TV that rose from and sank into an armoire at the end of the bed. There was a chair next to the bed, and above the chair was a picture of a chair. This amused me, for some reason. To the left of the bed was a small hallway containing a sitting area with a large mirror. This led to the bathroom, which had a separate shower and soaking tub. To the right of the tub was a sink, and to the right of that was a small room with a bidet and toilet. (More on proper bidet etiquette later.)

We had a nice view of the Strip and a partial view of the Bellagio fountains.

After basking in our glorious digs, we went next door to Planet Hollywood for breakfast at Planet Dailies. We both ordered the salmon omelet, which was delicious.

Salmon Omelet at Planet Dailies

We started gambling immediately after breakfast, and I was rewarded for my efforts by hitting four deuces on deuces wild. Yeah, it was nickels and a $50 payout, but it allowed me to gamble for a long time without losing, and that was my goal.

We walked down to O’Shea’s and had some morning beverages there (Bloody Mary for Tim and a Brown Cow for me). We continued down the Strip to Casino Royale, where we were disappointed at their shirt selection. We were hoping to find a blue shirt for Tim to match his black and red flaming dice shirt from last year. Oh, well. He wasn’t too concerned.

We tugged on the doors of Lagasse Stadium on the outside of Palazzo, but they were locked. We went inside and wandered around for a while before we found it. I was impressed with the place. It was quiet during our visit but it seemed like it would be a fun place to watch a game. It had several levels with comfortable seating and large video screens, and four different bars.

Lagasse Stadium at Palazzo

We played some video poker at Casino Royale and ordered a couple vodka and sodas (my downfall for the day).

As we walked past Flamingo, we noticed some guys handing out nightclub passes next to the usual pornslappers. The nightclub guy described his passes as a “titty buffet.”

We went to the Paris Diamond Lounge where Sal welcomed us with drinks, starting with a homemade Alize. Next up was a martini with Malibu, butterscotch schnapps, mandarin vodka, pineapple juice, and cream. It was light and refreshing and delicious.

Drinks at Paris Diamond Lounge

Our friend Brian was carousing in the vicinitey, so we met him on the way to Planet Hollywood and sat at the Extra lounge playing more video poker. We all needed to be hydrated, so when we were in the ABC Store picking up water, we saw this:

Horniest Goat Weed

We parted ways with Brian and had a late lunch at The Pub at Monte Carlo. They had several beers on tap. I chose a Delirium Tremens (because there’s nothing better for you after a day of drinks than a beer with 9% ABV), while Tim had Stella. We each had burgers and fries. They were tasty and filling, and definitely met our needs. But the burger was not life-changing like the burger at Bradley Ogden, for example.

Burgers at The Pub at Monte Carlo

The room was sparsely decorated and felt like a warehouse, so there wasn’t a lot of atmosphere to the place, and I would think it would get loud when it was crowded. I wouldn’t rule out returning if I happened to be in the area and had a need for some beer and some burgers, though.

We met our friends Hunter and Megan at a bar at Bellagio, which is funny considering we almost got kicked out of the place for being too rowdy a couple years ago. We had a good time catching up (and how I wish we could see them more often). Then they were off to dinner, and we went back to our hotel briefly before meeting some more friends at Bill’s Gambling Hall, Saloon, and Shootery. I did myself no favors by losing track of the number of vodka/sodas I consumed as we hung out with Dave, Olonzo, Robert, Mark, Mark’s friend whose name I can’t recall, Bob, and Beth, but I had a great time.


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2 Responses to “Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 2”

  1. Brian Says:

    Love the reports. I haven’t been to Monte Carlo since we stayed there three years (before they redid The Pub), but that was kind of how the room looked then with the exposed beams and warehouse look. Even then, my wife and I thought it was odd.

    We ate there a couple of times then, and I remember thinking the same thing. It was nice, but not memorable. If we weren’t staying there, we wouldn’t have gone. Once they got rid of the microbrews, I wondered what draw the place really had other than convenience for people already on site.

  2. Michele Says:

    Glad you enjoy the reports! I had only passed by their previous incarnation of the pub and hadn’t spent any time in there.

    It’s too bad they got rid of the on-site microbrews – I love trying local beer. But I had no problem finding other beer to enjoy.

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