Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 4

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tim played video poker at Planet Hollywood as I slept in. He was sitting at the machines when a large woman dressed in bright pink approached him. She asked him how he was doing, and because he was so focused on gambling, he didn’t realize who she was and answered “fine.” She then asked him if he wanted to have a good time up in his room and touched him on the arm. Snapping out of his gambling zone for a minute, he told her to go away. Five minutes later, he hit a royal flush. Now he calls her his lucky prostitute.

I had a gift card for Lettuce Entertain You, so we treated ourselves to breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. We sat at a table outside near the doors.

Tim ordered the omelet with turkey and avocado.

Omelet at Mon Ami Gabi

I had the egg, bacon, and cheese crepe.

Crepe at Mon Ami Gabi

We split a chocolate bacon waffle.

Bacon Chocolate Waffles at Mon Ami Gabi

All the food was fresh and delicious and light. Tim said he didn’t get much of a bacon taste from the waffle, but the bacon must have been hiding in all my pieces. I didn’t even use the syrup or whipped cream, because the waffles themsleves were sweet enough.

We went back to play video poker at Planet Hollywood. As I was playing my usual nickel machine, I drew four deuces on the bottom line for a tidy $150 profit. I was quite excited.

We checked out of Paris and took a cab to THEhotel. We were fully expecting to check our bags until the room was ready,. The woman at the reception desk said that they didn’t have any rooms ready at that time, and they had a limited number of the rooms we’d booked. She went into the back room to check on something, and we thought it could be really good or really bad. She emerged a few minutes later and thanked us for waiting, and she told us she was able to get us a larger room. We tipped her $20 and thanked her profusely.

We got room 60903, which is one of their L suites. THEhotel has suites for each letter in “hotel,” with the suites getting progressively larger toward the end of the word. If you flip this picture, here’s a drawing of the layout.

It was a huge suite with many places to entertain.

As you walked into the suite, there was a small bathroom on the left.

There was a giant living room/entertainment area in front of us. On the right was a couch facing a flat-screen TV. Next to that was an area with some chairs. Across from that was a desk in an alcove. Next to the chairs was a dining room table with several chairs. Across from the dining room table was a bar area. There was an extra door next to the bar, which was handy for refilling ice. Here’s a long shot of the living/entertainment area.

The bedroom was also huge. There was a couch and a TV near the entrance of the bedroom. There was another TV across from the bed. There was also a TV above the tub, for a total of four TVs in the suite.

The bathroom was separated from the bedroom by a screen that could open and close. The bathroom contained a whirlpool tub, a steam shower (which Tim greatly enjoyed after a few nights of boozing), two sinks, a toilet, and a bidet. (A post on proper bidet use is coming shortly.)

We had a lovely view of Palms and Rio.

The suite was so large it was three times the size of the main floor of our house. If I was standing in the bedroom and Tim was standing on the opposite end near the bar, we couldn’t hear each other talk. It was crazy, but wonderful.

After absorbing the hugeness of our room, we drove to M Resort for lunch. M is nicely decorated, and it reminded me of Red Rock.

The buffet was outstanding. It offered a wide variety of Asian options (there were five Chinese/Thai salads alone, along with sushi, stir fry, noodles, and several other offerings). The meal came with a complimentary glass of wine or beer. I got a glass of cabernet, and Tim got a glass of lager from their in-house brewery. The lager was very good.

The dessert bar was the most impressive thing.

Desserts at M Resort Buffet

They had every kind of dessert imaginable– sorbet, pie, cake, tarts, you name it.

Dessert at M Resort Buffet

I settled on panna cotta, creme brûlée, and tiramisu. They were all delicious, and I managed to finish each of them.

Desserts at M Resort Buffet

On our way back to THEhotel, we stopped at The Liquor Outlet to get beverages for THEbash we were having that night. The guy at the store was extremely helpful. He pointed us to the Food 4 Less up the road for food and other supplies.

We hauled our stuff up to the room with help from the bellhop. I was really impressed with the service at THEhotel. Everyone had been very friendly and willing to assist us with any questions.

We set up the room, then had a quick dinner at House of Blues. We changed into our party clothes (including an ill-advised pair of four-inch purple suede heels that looked fabulous but made my feet ache after about 20 minutes). Guests arrived, and the rest of the evening, like the evening before, was a happy blur.

Honestly, I tried to write up some highlights of the party, but I don’t think “jizz crockpot” and “squeal like a pig” and “save Mike E’s taint” would make sense to anyone other than the attendees. The night was one of the best nights I’ve ever spent in this town, though.


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2 Responses to “Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 4”

  1. Brian Says:

    I thought about this during the podcast, but am now reminded now that I read this re-cap – the chick at Caesar’s who treated you guys like crap earlier this year should be forced to read about your experience at THEhotel.

    Even if you didn’t have a podcast or a blog or anything, all it takes is one experience on either end that spectrum to make up your mind about a property. Both of the stories seem so similar, it’s scary. The only difference is one place treated you like an inconvenience and the other valued your business.

  2. Michele Says:

    I was on a Twitter sabbatical for that trip– otherwise, I would have let my feelings be known all over the internet that day. I know that the person who handles Wynn’s Twitter account is pretty responsive to those types of things, but I’m not sure if the Caesars person would have done the same.

    Instead, we just used it as material for the show and made it into a good story… and Tim did leave her name (Tessa, btw) along with some comments in an e-mail survey he took (I believe he compared the level of service to the DMV). But you’re right that one experience can change your view of a property. Given the fantastic service we’ve received at other properties (Flamingo, Paris, THEhotel, Wynn, Planet Hollywood), and the relative value of the rooms, we don’t really have a reason to return to Caesars. I don’t hold our bad check-in experience against the rest of the property– I still like their restaurants and casino and of course the Forum Shops, but I would be reluctant to stay there again.

    Hmmm… this might have to play a part in my Trippies voting.

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