Vegas Trip – October 2009, Day 5

Monday, October 19, 2009

Because we’d been up until 2:30 the night before, we didn’t awaken until 9:30. We still had the rental car, so we drove to Planet Hollywood (parking at Paris due to the construction on Harmon) and had Earl of Sandwich for brunch.

I had an Earl’s lemonade with Earl Grey Tea and my favorite, the All-American sandwich.

All-American at Earl of Sandwich

We played more video poker and some Gold Fish slots.

As a testament to my husband’s love for me, he drove half an hour out of his way to the refurbished Silver Slipper sign.

We passed some idiots taking pictures in the middle of the road across from Wynn and Encore. They were standing in the middle of the left lane of Las Vegas Boulevard, and were about to get run over for the sake of a picture.

The placement of the restored signs north of downtown made me wonder if people would do similar dumb things to get pictures of themselves with the signs, which were on the strip of concrete separating the two sides of the road. However, because the signs are fairly far from most of the tourist areas, they might not be as big of a draw.

We drove back down The Strip to grab some snapshots of the Las Vegas sign, which now has a parking lot to prevent picture-taking roadkill. The sign, like the others, used to be in the middle of the road, and people would dash across to get pictures of themselves with the iconic sign.

We went back to the room to rest and change before dinner (driving takes a lot out of you).

We took a taxi to Encore. The driver (like the others we had this trip) made a time-saving move on Frank Sinatra Drive during rush hour, allowing us to have time for a drink at the High Limit bar before our dinner reservations at Sinatra. We were serenaded by Baby Spice, whom I always hear when I visit a Wynn property.

Drink Menu at Encore High Limit Bar

I had The Peared Ginger. I thought I’d pass on the Millionaire Margarita. Maybe next time.

The Peared Ginger at Encore High Limit Bar

Tim ordered the Cranberry Mojito. Both were light and refreshing and delicious.

Cranberry Mojito at Encore High Limit Bar

We were going to ask for the Asian Equation, which our friend Steve had heard was supposed to be served at every bar. He inquires at every Wynn restaurant, just for kicks, even though he doesn’t drink.

We had dinner at Sinatra, which was so lovely and wonderful that it deserves its own post.

Because Tim is a nice guy, he agreed to accompany me to the Manolo store. On the way, we went into the Taste of Wynn store in the esplanade between Encore and Wynn. Each area of the shop represented a restaurant, and the area was divided into three columns: ingredients, smaller tools, and large kitchen accessories. It was a nice concept, allowing people to take a taste of their meal home or a portion of the kitchen.

We stopped in the Manolo store in the Wynn esplanade so I could fondle some footwear. I particularly lusted after the Carolyne and Tuccio models, but left (as usual) without buying anything. The saleswoman was really nice, and we chatted with her for a few minutes about topics other than shoes, so Tim’s time in there wasn’t too painful. I hope.

We took a taxi from Wynn to the Paris Diamond Lounge, where we hung out with Sal and Michael until they closed down.

We did some gambling in Paris, then it was back over to Planet Hollywood to give the deuces one more shot. I switched to Bonus Poker, then Megabucks (I have to try it at least once), then Gold Fish slots.

I was starting to get tired, so I tried a Rockstar energy drink mixed with vodka. It tasted OK (better than Red Bull), but it had no effect on my growing desire to sleep, so we took another taxi back to our palatial suite.


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