Sea Change, Minneapolis

Kristen and I initially went to Sea Change for Restaurant Week in the first week of March, but we couldn’t overcome the temptation of ordering off the regular menu.

We arrived a few minutes before the restaurant officially opened, so we started with cocktails at the bar. I had a drink made with Bombay Sapphire, lavender-infused simple syrup, and lemon. It was light and delicious. A few sips later, and our table was ready, so I brought the drink along.

For an appetizer, I had the salad with warm roasted beets, pancetta, walnuts, and bleu cheese. It had the sweet/salty thing going on that I love so much. It was rich, but not overpowering. I ordered the ocean trout for the main course; it was served with spicy lobster sauce, pickled burdock, braised butter lettuce, and nori. Our waiter had mentioned that it was very healthy and filled with lots of amino acids, and it tasted like salmon but the flavor was not as overpowering.

I ordered another cocktail off their specialty menu. This time I chose the ginger-infused Makers Mark with apple-ginger foam on top. It was a great transition from the main course to dessert, and it looked like a cream pie in a martini glass, but it was more subtle and not overpoweringly sweet.

For dessert, I was pleased to see a pumpkin item on the menu even though it was March, so I indulged in the pumpkin ice cream sandwich. It was like three desserts in one: pumpkin ice cream between two slices of crisp gingerbread, little cubes of pumpkin/ginger cake, and poached pear with pumpkin seed brittle. Underneath it all was a layer of vanilla sauce with something herbal in it (possibly lavender again).

My fabulous dining companion Kristen had the oysters (accompanied with three sauces), the sea scallops (with potato/ dill crème fraîche/ oyster mushroom/ onion), and the banana cheesecake (topped with a hard meringue and passionfruit ice cream, and served with a tasty sauce and caramel corn on the side).

The room was a great place to have a conversation. I was expecting it to be louder than it was, but the noise levels were quite manageable. The windows offered a view of the Mississippi River and the Stone Arch Bridge.

The service was outstanding; everyone we encountered made us feel welcome. Our waiter paced the courses appropriately and knew the menu well enough to make recommendations (and I probably wouldn’t have tried the trout otherwise). The food was not inexpensive, but it’s well worth splurging for a special occasion, because the courses were delicious. The dishes had several layers of flavor to them, and every bite was a new adventure. The food was rich, but not heavy, and the portions were the perfect size; I left feeling full and satisfied, but not stuffed. I was also impressed with the cocktails, with interesting infusions and unique variations on standard drinks. From beginning to end, we had an outstanding experience and hope to return soon.



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  1. Kristen Says:

    Remember the oyster I considered spitting out? I shoulda. Was one sick puppy.

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