Vegas Trip Day 2, February 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My stomach was still a little sensitive from the night before, so I poked at my breakfast at Planet Dailies. Eggs and bacon and fruit were very helpful.

I lost a little bit on video poker and Gold Fish slots in Planet Hollywood, but played for a while, so at least the machines ate my money slowly.

We recorded an audio tour of the Crystals and Aria, and I took a lot of pictures. Most of them can be found here.


I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the place at first. It was nice and shiny and new, but I wasn’t instantly drawn in. I think I was overwhelmed by the size of the entire complex.

There were a lot of phallic symbols in The Crystals (the shopping area).

Phallic Wood Sculpture at The Crystals

Phallic Ice Sculptures at The Crystals

Oh, and we found out later that this was the completely underwhelming Pocket Park. We had walked right through it on our way to Aria from The Crystals.

Pocket Park at CityCenter

Exhausted from all the walking and recording, we grabbed a quick snack and beverage from the Diamond Lounge, then returned to Planet Hollywood for more gambling, where I came out even on video poker.

I took a short nap in the room, then we sought some light nourishment at Le Burger Brasserie. We ordered a couple Captain Morgan and diet Cokes, along with the loaded fries (like nachos but with fries instead of tortilla chips). The bartender (Daylan) was hilarious and entertaining. An example: “My brother could be a game show host. He gives away a car and a house every four to five years.”

Most of the casino bars were busy, so we wandered through the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood until we found a couple open stools at La Salsa Cantina. We ordered Cape Cods because we were a little afraid of tequila, knowing it could be a long evening of beverage-filled merriment (and it was).

We went up to our room to change, and Tim helped me keep track of time as I got ready (I was a little distracted by this point). We met Hunter and Brandie at Julian Serrano for dinner. The meal was delicious and the service was attentive. Afterward, we had drinks at the Mandarin Oriental bar with Hunter, Brandie, Steve, Chuckmonster, Miss Monkay, and two of Chuck’s friends.

The bar has an amazing view of the Strip. It has floor-to-ceiling windows, and the view is a little lower than some of the other bars, yet the location is close to the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard, so you feel like you’re in the center of everything. Cocktails were a little on the expensive side ($20 for their specialty drinks) but were expertly mixed, and the service was outstanding (as you would expect from Mandarin Oriental).

View from Mandarin Oriental Bar

We had a wonderful night and time flew by. Most people went their separate ways in the wee hours of the morning, but we went down to the View Bar in Aria to hang out with Chuck some more.

View Bar at Aria

As we were leaving, Chuck was telling a great story about how someone (whose name rhymes with Schmoozehound) almost took out the railing at the View Bar, when he nonchalantly said, “Hey, there’s your boy.” And Neil Patrick Harris was walking by, and I almost passed out. Then, if that wasn’t cool enough, Christina Hendricks (best known as Joan from Mad Men) was with him. I might have followed them around the corner at a distance to verify. And it was. They are both incredibly good-looking people in person as well as on TV. (Want to see what they were wearing? Go here.)

We giddily said goodnight to Chuck, and all the way back from Aria to Paris, I asked Tim several times if that (and our whole evening) was real or a hallucination. The celebrity sighting was a very cool way to cap off an incredibly fun night.


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