Vegas Trip Day 3, February 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where were we? Oh, yeah.

We slept in Sunday due to our late night/early morning. I think we went to bed around 4:00 a.m., but I was still happy thinking about the great time we had. I missed everybody already.

We wanted to eat somewhere close by, so we grabbed breakfast at the Cafe Ile St. Louis in Paris. The food was OK, but the service was quite slow. We probably won’t eat here again; there are so many other places I want to try for breakfast that are in the same price range and near the same location. It wasn’t horrible, just not outstanding enough to go back.

I played a lot of bonus poker at Planet Hollywood until it was time to go downtown for the El Cortez challenge. We checked into room 1012, which had a lovely view of a parking lot and an office building. It reminded us a lot of the old Barbary Coast rooms, especially the bathroom. It was small and plain, but clean.

Room 1012 at El Cortez

Room 1012 at El Cortez

Room 1012 at El Cortez

We were anxious to try the new Firefly location in the Plaza, so we went there for dinner. We sat in the domed area with a nice view of Fremont Street.

Firefly at The Plaza

View from Firefly

I started with a Stoli martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives, and Tim had a caramel apple martini. They brought us a complimentary plate of bread and olives. Tim warned me that the olives still had pits. A few seconds later, we overheard a lady at the next table loudly complaining to anyone within earshot that she had just chipped her tooth on the olives, and she couldn’t afford the dental bill to repair it. The manager came over and offered to pay for her meal, but she was still really upset. I wasn’t really sure who was at fault there. The woman and her female companion left, and we focused on our food.

Appetizers at Firefly

We ordered smoked salmon toasts, stuffed dates, baked cheese, calamari, filet mignon sliders, and stuffed peppers. We would definitely order the stuffed dates, sliders, and peppers again. The dates were wrapped in bacon and stuffed with almonds and bleu cheese. The sliders were rich and delicious, and the red peppers were stuffed with cream cheese. A couple friends of ours had visited when the restaurant first opened and had a subpar service experience, but ours was good. They brought out a few courses at a time and were attentive.

We went into several downtown casinos and played random slots and video poker, winning a little and losing a little. The slot selection was average at best. We were hoping to discover a new game, or at the very least find the Queen slots at Main Street Station, which we did not.

We wandered about until 9 when The Griffin opened. I still don’t believe our bartender had a 17 year old kid; she looked way too young, like 25. She was really nice and made us delicious beverages. Tim had a hard Arnie Palmer with seagrams sweet tea vodka, a bloody Mary, and a chocolate martini. I had a Mandarin cosmo, a French martini, and a PB&J martini.

They had just instituted a policy that bartenders could no longer drink on the job, so the staff was adjusting. If I could take a shot every time I encountered someone difficult (especially in a customer service/bar environment), I’d miss that too.

We did a little gambling before we went to sleep, and I won $40 on video poker at El Cortez, so that was a good way to cap off the evening.

El Cortez Video Poker



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