Vegas Trip Day 4, February 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nobody had strangled us during the night (and the hotel felt quite safe), so we woke up and had breakfast at Cafe Cortez. They had cheap food and fast service. We had two meals (eggs, meat, pancakes, potatoes, juice) for $10 with a coupon from the slot club.

The machines took back the $40 I won last night. Boo.

We took a taxi back to Paris, then we went back to Planet Hollywood for more gambling. This was a great idea because I made a $200 profit on my nickel deuces machine.

We debated attending the unveiling ceremony for the Vegas Walk of Fame inductions for Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but I’m glad we did. We entered the Flamingo Ballroom, and just like El Cortez, we brought the average age of the room down by 20 years.

Several people spoke, including:

  • Bandleader Vinnie Falcone
  • Comedian Rich Little
  • Former showgirl, former owner of the Tropicana (and humanitarian, as I found out later) Cindy Doumani
  • Dean Martin’s Gold Diggers (I had wondered why there were several ladies up front in gold sparkly cardigans)
  • Actor Dennis Farina
  • Willie Rizzo (Jilly’s son)
  • Dennis Bono
  • Comedian Steve Rossi
  • Comedian Charlie Callas (via phone and somewhat incoherent; they had to cut him off)
  • Lena Prima (daughter of Louis, who sang a song arranged by her father)
  • Corinne Entratter (wife of George Sidney and Jack Trotter)
  • Deana Martin (Dean’s daughter, obviously)

It was a celebrity sighting and unintentional comedy extravaganza for us, yet it was still great to see the respect so many people (ourselves included) have for these two men and their accomplishments.

It was time for food, so we had lunch at Serendipity 3. The stripes on the walls gave my astigmatism fits, so I focused on the menu and the food instead. Also, the room is very loud, so this is not a good place to go if you are nursing a hangover.

The food, however, was divine. Tim had a Caesar salad with the largest croutons I’ve ever seen.

Caesar Salad at Serendipity3

I had The Summer Bries sandwich with turkey, apples, brie, and cranberry mayo on raisin pumpernickel, accompanied by sweet potato fries. The fries were just OK, but the sandwich made me exclaim in joy with each bite.

The Summer Bries at Serendipity3

We hadn’t gambled in a few hours, so we went back to Planet Hollywood for video poker, which we both played for a long time, making the most of the pay tables.

I thought to myself, “It’s National Margarita Day. How shall I celebrate?” A visit to the Diamond Lounge was in order. Sal tried to make up for the previous nights we had missed by giving us three nights’ worth of drinks in one. We started with a Golden Cadillac margarita, and ended chugging a Dr. Pepper beer (beer with a shot of root beer schnapps).

Golden Cadillac Margarita

Adios MF

Tasty Beverages

We almost had to get a wheelbarrow. But they kept bringing us beverages, and it would have been wrong not to drink them.

In our inebriated state, we recorded an audio tour of The Heart of a Woman exhibit at Paris. This picture pretty much sums it up. (See more at the official site, if you’re so inclined. I can’t decide if “Her Noble Steed” or “A Prescription for Love” is my favorite theme.)

We managed to play a few slots at Paris (and there might have been some dancing to a Lady GaGa song while playing Gems Wild Tiles). We desperately needed food, so we had appetizers at Planet Dailies next door, which turned out to be tasty and satisfying. We split the pork potstickers, the sliders, and the spinach dip. Not sure how we made it to our room, but we did.



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